Thursday, March 30, 2023

How to Protect your Outdoor Bird Feeders from Pests

For some, there is no better way to relax than to watch birds fly into your bird feeder so they can be fed. Or bathe in a bird bath, or sleep in your bird house.  Why not, you spent the time and money to give our flying friends a place to live for the day.

But birds have their foes that they need to evade.  Bats, foxes, squirrels, and snakes can interfere with the birds' sanctuary.  There are things that you can do to protect these birds.  You can safeguard your bird feeder with mesh and try to deter animals that can climb a pole or scale a tree to invade your feeders or houses.  You can also make sure that bird seeds are not on the yard.

But what happens if these measures do not work, what can you do?  Harbinger Pest Control has solutions to protect our outdoor friends.  Please contact us for and ask how we can help.

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Outdoor Bird House

Monday, March 27, 2023

Rodent Proof Your Basement

A homeowner asked us to "Rodent proof my basement. I don't need a contract and traps. I need to seal my basement to keep them from coming in".

Mice and rats can make their way into a basement with ease if your basement is not fully secure. One of the difficult parts is to find where the pests are coming in from. The smallest of holes can be the large doorway of letting them in.

Upon your request, Harbinger Pest Control will send out an Inspector and examine your basement. They will assess your troubled areas and make suggestions for you. Based on your decision, the process begins to remove your rodents for good.

Sometimes an Annual Home Guard Service is required. If you are experiencing any type of rodent problems, please contact us.

Basement full of rodents

Thursday, March 16, 2023

What is Pest Control and Extermination

Pests affect all or most buildings whether they are your house, apartment, brick & mortar store, trailer home, computer rooms; the list can go on at infinitum. Pest Control and Extermination are the processes of ridding and controlling Rodents, Insects and Wildlife. 

Ridding or mitigating pests is only one part of the solution. Continual remediation is the second phase of pest control.

It is easy for a homeowner (for example) to buy a Bug Spray and apply that around the home. But some jobs are just too big for the typical homeowner. Bats can carry rabies, racoons can be just plain dangerous, and beehives can make one sick if stung. These are dangerous situations.

Harbinger Pest Control is a Veteran Owned and Operated company. Their Inspectors and Exterminators are no stranger to dangerous situations.  If you have Pest Control issues, please contact Harbinger Pest Control. 

Jarrett Removing a Beehive

Pest Control Beehive

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Welcome to The New Harbinger Pest Control's WWW and BLOG Websites

Harbinger Pest Control is pleased to present our new blog and website.  For years, Harbinger Pest Control has been servicing the Northern NJ area.  We specialize in Pest Control for Rodents, Insects and Animal Control.

The new website is more user friendly and gives you an insight into our Veteran Owned and Operated company.  The site also gives, in a general way, the Consultation, Inspection, Application and Extermination process.

Our Technicians, Consultants, Inspectors, Applicators, and Exterminators are all here to help you with your Pest Control problems.

If you are having Pest Control problems, please visit our site, give us a look, and Contact Us to get "The Process" started.

Harbinger Pest Control is a growing local Veteran Owned and Operated business.  We are not one of the world-wide pest control companies that make promises and do not deliver. Please see our reviews so you can feel comfortable with our services.

Below are some snapshots of the new site.