Insect Extermination

The earth needs insects, so insects are good, but we do not want an overabundance of insects in our home.  In the average house, there are over 100 species of insects in a home.  That is too many for most people to even bear.

The normal homeowner can easily go out and spray around the house to keep the creepy crawlies at bay.  But they will eventually get inside, and when that happens, you need to be careful not to apply too much bug spray because it can be harmful to children, pets, and adults.

At this point, it is best to leave the extermination up to the professionals.  Harbinger Pest Control are your local Pest Control Agents.  They have experience with ridding your home and property of insects as well as rodents and other wildlife.

If you even think you need Pest Control Inspector, please contact us, we also have 24 Hour Pest Control in NJ for emergency services.

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Extermination of Insects

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