Thursday, April 13, 2023

Bird Nests in Gutters

Gutter with Bird Nest
From time to time, birds love to make a nest in your gutters.  These nests will cause several issues.  They will block water from properly reaching your downspouts, and squirrels will come and take the bird eggs.  One preventative measure is to have a gutter guard installed.  But the nests that are already there will need to be taken care of first.  You could remove the nests yourself, but it is not suggested that you climb on a ladder and potentially fall.

Harbinger Pest Control can handle your nests in gutter issues for you.  With their Rodent Control services your gutters will be free of nests and other types of debris.  You home or commercial building should be checked regularly for any type of pest or insect using their Annual Home Guard services.

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